Long/Short-term Foreign Experts Lecture Programs

In 2011, a total of 299 foreign experts, supported by HIT International Cooperation and Exchange Funds have given 1196 public lectures at our university.

Overseas Experts

By the end of November, 2011, our school has conferred honorary academic titles on 20 overseas experts, comprising four adjunct professors, six visiting professors, six advisory professors and four emeritus professors.

Foreign Faculty

In 2011, HIT employed 16 foreign teachers, including ten English teachers, one French teacher, one Italian teacher, two Japanese teachers and two Russian teachers.


Job Requirements:

Language Requirement: English

Working Days per week: 5 days

Working Hours per week: 16 class hours

Begin date of next term: 2016-09-01

Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Education: Bachelor’s Degree all above

Working Experience: more than two years teaching experience in universities in China

Age: younger than 60


Terms of Employment:

Salary: RMB 4500 above for bachelor’s degree; RMB 5000 above for master’s degree; RMB 6000 above for PhD

Room: Apartment with facilities, including TV, fridge, washing machine, cooking utensils, etc.

Allowance: Transportation (flight tickets, etc.) and Holiday (Spring Festival)


Overseas Postdoctoral Researchers Recruitment


I Qualifications of applicants:


An applicant for a position of the HIT postdoctoral researchers shall meet the following minimum qualifications:


a. Hold a doctoral degree diploma of a leading university overseas;

b. Be a foreigner under the age of 40 years;

c. Be a healthy researcher who is academically advanced and full-time engaged in his work at HIT.


II Basic benefit and special benefit


The funds are classified into basic benefit and special benefit according to the recipient’s academic level and research field.


a. The basic benefit for overseas postdoctoral researchers includes:


1.60,000 per year

2. An apartment at HIT (rent paid by the researcher)

3. Enjoying the medical care as HIT’s faculty


b. Special benefit for overseas postdoctoral researchers includes:


1. 150,000 per year (salaries, taxes and national benefits included)

 50,000 as research funds provided by the partner supervisor within two years (for the publication of academic papers and academic meetings)


2. Independent office and resold apartment (rent paid by the researcher)


3. Priority is given to the researcher’s spouse if she/he meets the qualification of HIT’s recruitment; the children of the researcher will be arranged into HIT Kindergarten, Fuhua Primary School or HIT Middle and High School according to their ages.


4. HIT will be responsible for the foreign researcher’s commercial insurance and casualty insurance. In addition, the airline tickets of one round trip will be paid by HIT (economic class only).


III Applications


The applicants shall submit the following documents to HIT Postdoctoral Affairs Office three months in advance:


a. The Application Form for HIT Postdoctoral Researchers


b. Two letters of recommendation from two specialists in the same field, one of which must be the researcher’s doctoral supervisor.


c. A personal resume (results of scientific research should be included) and any documents to prove the researcher’s academic level and abilities.


d. A copy of the researcher’s doctoral degree diploma and doctoral dissertation.


e. A letter of recommendation from the researcher’s partner supervisor and The Academic Assessment of Two Specialists from the Center for Post-doctoral Studies (for those researchers whose partner supervisors are confirmed).


f. Those who need HIT’s help to find partner supervisors shall submit the documents four months in advance.

g. The confidential disciplines shall be approved by HIT Confidential Office before they recruit overseas postdoctoral researchers.


IV Contact us


HIT Postdoctoral Affairs Office, Personnel Department





The Application Form for HIT Postdoctoral Researchers        http://en.hit.edu.cn/A1.pdf


Attachment2: Partner Supervisor’s Letter of Recommendation         http://en.hit.edu.cn/A1.pdf




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